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Kofnil-SF Syrup

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Price From: Rs 65.00

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Price From: Rs 65.00

Kofnil-SF Syrup


The Kofnil SF syrup is totally sugar free Herbal & an effective preparation for all types of cough. It is developed after intensive study using different kinds of Indian Herbs such as Bharangi, Vasaka, Kantkari, Tulsi Sonth, Yastimadhu, Zoofa etc. Moreover, Kofnil-SF Syrup is Sedation-free unlike modern cough and diabetic patient can also take it.


  • Possesses significant anti-asthmatic activity due to its bronchodilating and anti-
    inflammatory property.1

  • In acute stages of bronchitis, vasaka gives unfailing relief, especially where the sputum is thick and sticky. 2

  • Functions as mucolytic & prevents bacterial adhesion to cell membrane.3

  • It quickly controls acute cough, Liquefies the thick phlegm, removes congestion, irritation and bronchial spasm.



  • Acute /chronic bronchitis.
  • Cough of allergic, infective or asthmatic origin.
  • Smokers cough & recurrent cough.


Children:1 t.s.f three to four times a day

Adult:2 t.s.f three to four times a day.


Syrup in bottle 100ml


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