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Swing Forte Capsules

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Swing Forte Capsules


Swing Forte Capsules is useful for both male and female. It is the combination of Ashwagandha, Kaunch beej, Shvet mushli, Shilajit and other Ayurvedic herbs and formulations. It restores the strength and stamina.


  • Enhances host resistance against infection.

  • Improves semen quality by combating oxidative stress.1

  • Exhibits inhibition of lipid peroxidation of spermatozoa .2

  • Improve stamina, relieve fatigue, and enhance immunity system.3

  • Usefull in gernal weakness effective in physiological and psychological stress.4

  • Improves arousal and stamina in sexual disorders

  • Tones up the erectile tissues & further aids the mechanism of erection

  • Restores emotional stability and relations between the couple



  • Premature Ageing Appearance of sign of senility in early age e.g. Wrinkles in face etc.
  • Mental Stress and strain
  • General Debility
  • Nervous weakness
  • Loss of strength and stamina
  • Loss of Libido


1 Capsule twice a day

Caution-Patient suffering with heart ailments or persons having high B.P. should consult their Physicians, before using Over Drive capsules.


5 x 10 Capsules.


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