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Chyawanprash Special

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Price From: Rs 165.00

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Price From: Rs 165.00

Chyawanprash Special


Chaywanprash special is the oldest restorative tonic for the human beings. The regular use of Chaywanprash, builds up body& immune system, gives strength, stamina & improves the overall well being of the persons using it. Chywanprash has Amla, a natural source of vitamin C, has antioxidant activities. The whole family right from young to old can take it.


  • It rejuvenates the organ systems of the body, afford strength and wellness.1

  • Improves digestive fire thus helps in proper digestion.2

  • Improves mental function, vigor and add vitality to the body.

  • Protects body from free radical damage.



Adults- 1-2 t.s.f. with a glass of milk after breakfast & in the night at least half an hour before going to bed.

Children- 1/2-1 t.s.f. with a glass of milk, once a day


500 gm- 1 kg


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