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Shvet Capsule

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Rs 330.00

Shvet Capsule


Shvet Capsule is the combination of Ashoka, Lodhra, Supari, Pipal Gond, Mochrasa herbs etc. Shvet Capsule arrests the excessive vaginal discharge, normalizes vaginal pH and prevents infection. It is safe even for treating abnormal discharge during pregnancy. It normalizes vaginal pH. It checks dysfunctional uterine bleeding and reduces permeability of vaginal mucosa.


  • Possess anti inflammatory activity by inhibition of the prostaglandin synthesis. 1

  • Exert in vivo anti inflammatory activity and has the ability to prevent the production of inflammatory mediators.2

  • Acts as astringent and effective in all types of abnormal discharges per vagina.3

  • Possesses oestrogenic effect and is a valid therapy for the treatment of female disorders.4

  • Possesses astringent activity and effective in the management of leucorrhoea.5



  • Nonspecific leucorrhoea
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding


Two Capsule Two Times a Day


5x3x10 capsule


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