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Locks n Looks oil

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Locks n Looks oil


The Oil Locks-N- Looks has been designed to tackle the various hair problems. The oil contains 19 essential herbs & is made siddhi with 7 nourishing oils. Locks-N- Looks oil has been made with Kshir Pak Vidhi ( Boiling ingredients in milk) of Ayurvedic.


  • Locks-N- Looks is an hair vitalizer that Stops hair fall.

  • Stops pre mature graying of the hair.

  • Strengthens hair root.

  • Removes dandruff & brings shining to the hair.



For various hair problems: Premature falling of hair, graying, split ends of the hair, dandruf & dry hair.


Wash hair with good herbal shampoo like Locks- N -Looks shampoo, dry the wet hair, apply oil on to the scalp with tips of fingers in a rotatory fashion. Massage at least for 15 minutes, this will allow the oil to reach hair roots. Apply oil twice a week, it will be better if the oil is applied in the night & washed in the morning.


Bottle of 100 ml

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