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Innovative Research and Development Centre:

We assure our professional approach and dedication to give “The Best” and are confident to contribute progressively through our R & D efforts for further development of Ayurvedic Medicine Science to serve the humanity. With an advanced scientific research facility, the R&D division is always alert to the changing world of medicines and our endeavor shall be to find Ayurvedic medicines that shall have an impact in the alternative medical world. It is our privilege to provide world class drugs to the human race.


We depend on our inherent expertise of the past century and the technological prudence of today to combat diseases of tomorrow. Research and Development Centre of SDH is well equipped with the most modern scientific instruments, supported with a highly qualified and talented team of scientists.

The team led by persons of proven experience and creativity is focusing at: -

  • - Raw material standardization and sharing of the technology with the industry.
  • - Product development with proof in allopathic language.
  • - Process R&D for production process standardization.
  • - Presenting the traditional products in the modern convenient forms

All proprietary formulations that the company has launched since inception have been developed by in-house research. The R&D department is continuously engaged in the development of new innovative formulations and dosage forms for various ailments. The R&D centre is capable of developing products in various dosage forms and applications such as tablets, capsules, granules, powders, syrups, oils, creams, gels, ointments, shampoos etc.