Bael Capsule



Bael fruits are the source of SDH Bael Capsule, a pure herbal extract. These are digestive capsules that aid in regular bowel motions. The active ingredient in it is fruit extract from Bilva (Aegle marmelos). A good blood purifier is Bael. These capsules help to cleanse the digestive tract by eliminating all toxins from the body. The extracts from Bael fruit, when taken as prescribed; the main use of Bael is eases the pain and spasm in the intestine and decrease the bowl movements in case of chronic diarrhoea.

Use of Beal capsule

  • The laxative qualities of SDH Bael capsule aid in intestinal cleansing, which helps manage constipation
  • Bael fruits extract contains a good amount of fiber and nutrition.
  • It provides you with a healthy digestive system and promotes the growth of intestinal flora.
  • Some of the bacteria and viruses that can damage your digestive system and induce diarrhoea include rotavirus, coli, and giardia.
  • SDH Bael capsule stop them from growing and shield the intestines from their harmful effects.
  • The gut may suffer damage if the mucous lining the stomach and intestines is ulcerated.

Key ingredients

  • Bilva (Aegle marmelos). extract

Direction of use

Take 1-2 capsules twice a day


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