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“In today’s fast-paced world, constant screen time and the pressures of daily life can disrupt your mind, leaving you feeling stressed and anxious. NINDO Tablet from SDH Naturals offers a natural solution for a stress-free, good night. Packed with Ayurvedic goodness like Ashwagandha, Jatamansi, Brahmi and Tagar, it’s your go-to remedy for better mental well-being and peaceful nights. Say goodbye to troubles and hello to a calm and more balanced life.


Bullet Points:

· Promotes Faster Sleep

· Relax Mind And Body

· Improve Sleep Quality

· Lower Your Risk For Serious Health Problems

· Non-Habit Forming Formula


How To Use:

1-2 Tablets At Bed Time


Key Ingredients

· Ashwgandha : It Promotes Balanced And Healthy Sleep Cycle

· Sarapgandha : It Calms The Mind And Helps In Treating Insomnia

· Tagar : Improves Slep Quality

· Brahmi : It Act As Sleep Promoting And Mood Enhancing Agents



· Stress

· Anxiety

· Sleeplessness


Presentation: 60 tablets


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