Punarnava Capsule



Benefits of Punarnava include its usage in the treatment of liver illnesses, splenomegaly, alcoholism, fever, edema, and kidney ailments. It has rejuvenating properties, balances Tridosha, lowers inflammation, stops bloating, strengthens the heart, promotes blood coagulation, and raises haemoglobin levels in the blood. Punarnava is a plant that has been used for generations to support kidney function. It has been reported to support the body’s renewal process.

       Use of Punarnava capsule

  • Punarnava is a traditional herb known for its healing properties
  • SDH Punarnava is considered to possess bitter, cooling and astringent properties
  • SDH Punarnava may help to promote the health of the urinary tract
  • Regular consumption of Punarnava may help to maintain healthy kidney function
  • It may help maintain digestive health

Key Ingredients

Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)

Direction for use

1-2 Capsule twice a day


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