Acidon Syrup


SDH Naturals Acidon Syrup is specially formulated to provide better results in Acid Peptic- related concerns like hyperacidity and gastric. The Acidon Syrup is made from the most potent and effective Indian herbs like Patolpatra, Pittpapda, Amla, Giloe, Yasthimadhu, Saunf , Kalmegh etc. These ingredients possess Cytoprotective, anti-ulcerogenic and anti-secretory properties. Unlike modern antacids, Acidon is not an acid neutralizer; it may help reduce excessive gastric secretion, which may help fight H.pylori

Dyspepsia/ Esophagitis

  • Inhibits the adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to human stomach tissue.1
  • Provides significant protection against gastric ulcer by regulating pH, mucous production and antioxidant property. 2
  • Increases the mucosal resistance from the gastric juice through antioxidant activity. 3
  • Reduces stomach secretion, provides protective mucus for stomach and effective in gastritis and peptic ulcerations.4

Dyspepsia/ Esophagitis: 2 t.s.f. 4 times a day for one week
Hyperacidity: 1 t.s.f thrice a day for 1 week
Gastritis: 2 t.s.f twice a day for 1-2 months
Ulcer: 2 t.s.f thrice a day for 4-6 months


Syrup in bottle 100 & 200 ml.


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