Crush Syrup

Best Ayurvedic remedy for urinary disorder

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Shree dhanwantri herbals crush syrup is prepared from hand-picked indian herbs like tribulus terrestris, boerhavia diffusa, crataeva nurvala, permelia perlata, berberis lyceum, plumbago zeylanica, tinospora cordifolia .the crush syrup is an herbal alkalizer & renal detoxifier. Known for efficacy, the crush syrup is the best remedy to treat urinary tract infection.


Bullet points:

· Soothes urine flow

· Normalizes urinary pH

· Relieves burning micturition

· Renal Detoxifier

· Enhances urinary output

· Act as a urinary antiseptic


How to use:

· adult : 1-2 tsf thrice daily

· children: ½ to 1 tsf thrice daily



· Punarnava : improving urine excretion from the body.

· Gokshura : it prevents and treat kidney stones and also increases urine output

· Guduchi : it possess anti-microbial action

· Palash : it relives burning micturition & soothes urinary mucosa

· Sariva : it normalize urinary pH .



· In urinary tract infections

· Dysuria

· Hematuria

· Burning micturition

· Oliguria

· Recurrent U.T.I.

· In renal calculi along with crush tablet


Presentation:  200 ml


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