Kofnil SF Syrup

Cough of allergic, infective or asthmatic origin

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Acute /chronic bronchitis
Cough of allergic, infective or asthmatic origin
Smokers cough & recurrent cough

  • Possesses significant anti-asthmatic activity due to its bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory properties.1
  • In acute stages of bronchitis, vasaka gives unfailing relief, especially when the sputum is thick and sticky. 2
  • Functions as mucolytic & prevents bacterial adhesion to cell membrane.3
  • It quickly controls acute cough, liquefies the thick phlegm, removes congestion, irritation and bronchial spasm.

Children: 1 t.s.f three to four times a day
Adult: 2 t.s.f three to four times a day.


Syrup in bottle 100ml

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