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shree dhanwantri realzyme syrup is a complete digestive formula with powerful Ayurvedic digestive herbs. It works from the roots to resolve digestive issues through its effect on the secretion of digestive enzymes. It helps improve a healthy appetite and relieves bloating, indigestion and stomach discomfort and helps regulate bowels

Bullet points:

· Enhances meal absorption

· Serves as a tonic and increases appetite

· Provide energy to digestive system

· Supports proper digestion

· Acts as carminative

· Increases the secretion of gastric acid & bile acids.

How to use: 1 or 2 tsf before as an appetizer and after meal as a digestive

Key ingredients:

· Papaya: It makes digestion better. Papain, one of the components found in plants, is beneficial for gastrointestinal disturbances and digestive diseases.

· Ajwain: One of the aromatic seed spices, ajwain is typically consumed as a digestive stimulant for medical purposes.

· Shunthi: Acts as a carminative and digestive stimulant.

· Musta: Acts as an appetizer by stimulating the digestive process.


· Indigestion

· Anorexia

· Dyspepsia

· Flatulence

· Digestive insufficiency in alcoholic and heavy smokers

Presentation: 100ml and 200 ml


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